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AlysDax News: Attention! ALYS Money + ALYS Bank. Big Upgrade is Released

Dear Alysdax community,

The developers of AlysDax carried out tremendous work on the implementation of an internal bank with a single internal currency ALYS MONEY. We present to your attention a new functionality that will open additional opportunities for the project Top Leaders. It will help you in attracting new partners, in encouraging members of their network structures, and most importantly, ALYS MONEY holders will be able to carry out internal bank transactions. Let's understand the details together!

The nominal rate of the ALYS MONEY coin will be: 1 ALYS = 1 $.

Emission. Coin emission is strictly limited and will be done in 4 stages:

   ⧫ 2020 – 10,000,000 ALYS

   ⧫ 2021 – 30,000,000 ALYS

   ⧫ 2022 – 50,000,000 ALYS

   ⧫ 2023 – 70,000,000 ALYS

The total issue for the entire period (4 years) will be 160,000,000 ALYS MONEY.

Benefits of ALYS MONEY contributing to the popularization of the project:

  ⧫ Accrual of Increased Interest (+ 20% to daily profit) in Portfolios created using ALYS MONEY;

  ⧫ The “Easy Start” option, which allows leaders of partner structures to provide easy entry for new investors with various crypto and fiat preferences.

  ⧫ Acquisition of ALYS MONEY at wholesale prices for system partners and holders of verified exchange services;

  ⧫ A unique opportunity to exchange currencies on the platform using ALYS MONEY in any direction at a favorable rate.

Purchase / Sale. You can buy or sell ALYS MONEY:

  ⧫  Instantly, in your personal account by using the automated service ALYS BANK. There are starting currency pairs: USDT/ALYS, BTC/ALYS, ETH/ALYS, XRP/ALYS, EOS/ALYS, USD/ALYS;

  ⧫ Alternatively, purchase or sale of the ALYS coin can be done with the help of system partners and holders of verified exchange services.

  ⧫ Wholesale is available on individual terms: by sending a request to a personal Project Manager.

  ⧫ The developers of the platform do not plan to limit the use of the internal  coin. They are giving holders the opportunity to dispose of the coins at their discretion.


   ⧫ Upgrade of the Roadmap of the AlysDax project;

   ⧫ Expanding the list of popular currency pairs in ALYS BANK;

   ⧫ Convert ALYS MONEY system to a stable coin;

alys token - AlysDax News: Attention! ALYS Money + ALYS Bank. Big Upgrade is Released

The introduction of ALYS BANK and ALYS MONEY is an innovative step by developers. It is  opening up a global market with global opportunities for the project partners!

Best regards,

AlysDax team.

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