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Bitles News: BTL Staking Technology Launched

Hello dear users of the BITLES platform.

Today we would like to announce the long-awaited launch of BTL Staking technology, which we have been at work upon by the whole team for the recent two months.

Right now, you can log in to your Back Office and see that unit.

BTL Staking mechanism consists of a thousand of minute details, which are unnoted during the superficial research. There is one thing we can say for sure: it is a very complex and, at the same time, useful feature for our whole ecosystem.

On top of that, the feature enables you to earn from 0.5% up to 1.5% per day by the volume of BTL tokens, which you freeze at your BTL Staking account.

You can do this right now:

✓ Log in to your Back Office;

✓ Fund your BTL Staking account balance;

✓ Freeze BTL tokens and receive daily rewards, which will be available for you by the end of the freezing period.

Here are the four rate plans under which BTL Staking operates:

1. Freezing period of 80 days, you will receive 0.50% per day, 40% for the entire period

2. Freezing period of 120 days, you will receive 0.80% per day, 96% for the entire period

3. Freezing period of 160 days, you will receive 1.20% per day, 192% for the entire period

4. Freezing period of 200 days, you will receive 1.50% per day, 300% for the entire period

bitles staking - Bitles News: BTL Staking Technology Launched
To the delight of our valued partners, BTL Staking supports the Direct Bonus, which is available in the standard mode. That is, if your account features the Direct Bonus, you will receive rewards in accordance with the distributed interest.

Congratulations on the launch of one more great tool for gaining profit on our platform. We recommend you to start using this option right now, so your BTL tokens would not be idle, but would work for the good of our ecosystem and, at the same time, yield dividends for you.

Best regards,

Your BITLES team

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tải xuống 2 - Bitles News: BTL Staking Technology Launched
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