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AlysDax News: The Grand Road Show in South America!


Dear Alysdax community!

Most recently, we announced the first Brazilian tour of AlysDax. We promised you to organize another tour and we keep the promise! Even more cities, even more events – you should not miss such an event.

You are waiting for: lectures and master classes on margin trading, a discussion club on the topic of blockchain, the ability to ask a question to an expert in the field of cryptotechnologies. Search your city in the list of cities and come to a meeting!

alysdax brazil 1603 - AlysDax News: The Grand Road Show in South America!

16/03/2020 – São CARLOS 

 17/03/2020 – ARARAQUARA

 18/03/2020 – RIO CLARO

 19/03/2020 – PIRACICABA

 20/03/2020 – ARARAS

 21/03/2020 – LEME 

 22/03/2020 – PIRASSUNUNGA

 23/03/2020 – PORTO FERREIRA 

 24/03/2020 – BARRINHA

 25/03/2020 – JABOTICABAL

 26/03/2020 – BEBEDOURO

 27/03/2020 – FRANCA

 28/03/2020 – BATATAIS  

 29/03/2020 – SERTÃOZINHO 

 30/03/2020 – PONTAL

 31/03/2020 – PITANGUEIRAS

 01/04/2020 – OLIMPIA

 02/04/2020 – BRODOSK

 03/04/2020 – JARDINÓPOLIS

Leader contacts: RAMON FARIAS (+55 11 97141-4537)

Following the results of two road shows, a large conference will be announced in the capital of Brazil – San Paolo.

Stay tuned and be with AlysDax!

Best regards,

AlysDax team.

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