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What is Insurance HYIP?


HYIP Insurance is the compensation for loss to investor in case the project stops paying (Scam). Even the the project has insurance offer, but Our Blog can’t compensate full of your loss. All of insurance amount will be divided to all of our followers.

This is a beneficial incentive, as after the project scam, Our Blog will compensate the investor for all or part of the losses for insured project.

insurance - What is Insurance HYIP?

Insurance Rules

  • You must Register and invest any project have insured using the referral link of Our Blog if you want to apply insurance Compensation request.
  • Please DO NOT choose compounding option when you make deposit, if you want to qualify for compensation.
  • You must withdraw your earnings everyday. Because calculator insurance base on Your Total Earning (Profit) not base on Your Total Withdraw.
  • If the insurance projects have both “Daily Plan” and ” After Plan”, please deposit into Daily Plan only if you want to qualify for insurance offer.
  • Invest in the period time require for insurance (Details on the project review)
  • The maximum net loss and compensation for a single investor has no upper limit (Up to 30% of the total insurance funds). Let’s say, if the insurance funds are $5,000, you can get Max.$1,500 compensation (30% of $5,000 insurance funds).
  • Already request RCB (Refback) on the Project Review and Our Blog already Paid RCB for You.
  • Our blog only accept insurance paid via Binance payment ID; TRX or USDT TRC20 (fee is 1$/time).
  • Submit an insurance Compensation request by form of Our Blog (Form Insurance will be announced at Our Telegram Channel after project Scam
  • Multiple accounts will be suspended when you request for compensation
  • Anybody who cheat RCB, Giveaway or Insurance compensation, will be BANNED Forever and Our Blog will not reply your query!!!

How to calculate Insurance?

A. If our followers’ total loss is less than the insurance funds, then all of Our Investors will get 100% compensation

B. if our followers’ total loss exceeds the insurance funds, all of the insurance amount will be divided among all of Our Investors who suffer loss in a certain proportion .

Compensation(%)= (Insurance Funds /Total Net Lose) x 100

=> Your Covered = Compensation(%) x Your Net Loss.

In which:

  1. Insurance Funds: Example: 3,000$ or 5,000$…..
  2. Your Net Loss = Your Investment amount – RCB amount – Your Earning – Giveaway or Bonus received from us.
  3. Total Net Loss = Net Loss all of Investors
  4. Your Earning = (Scam Date – Active Deposit Date ) x % profit daily (Example: 1% daily) x Investment amount

Apply compensation Rules:

  • Please apply compensation request within 48 hours after Our Blog Open Form Insurance on Our Telegram Channel
  • Insurance funds will be dispensed within 24 hours after request time expired . Our Blog will not reply to your doubtful message if the payment did not exceed the timeframes .

If Our Blog need more info, Our Blog will contact you via email, so please keep in touch with Blog HyipInvestors.Org via email admin@hyipinvestors.org.

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