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What is Refback (RCB) HYIP?


Refback (RCB) is Referral Commission Back (Mean Blog Hyipinvestors.org will send back commission to you). Referral Commission is a mount of Our Blog will receive when you register and invest in any project under Our Blog.

rcb hio team - What is Refback (RCB) HYIP?

RCB Rules

  • You must Register and invest any project using the referral link of Our Blog. Users not registered by Our link, no have right to RCB
  • Deadline for send a request to receive RCB is up to 48 hours from the date of deposit creation. After the expiry of this period, Our Blog will reject your request RCB. The HYIP investment world is fleeting, project can stop paying at any time. We recommend you order a refback immediately after the deposit is created.
  • After request RCB, please wait for us to process
  • The processing time for the Request RCB is up to 24 hours. Our Blog try to pay the refback as quickly.
  • Our Blog pay refback only on projects with status “Paying”. HYIP projects, having the statuses “Problems” or “SCAM”, don’t pay us funds, respectively, Our Blog can’t pay you refback. In addition, NEVER make a deposit in projects with such statuses.
  • Check the deposit amount that you specify in the request. Remember, ALL amounts must be indicated in USD.
  • When Request a RCB, check that your wallet details match the chosen EPS
  • Our blog only accept RCB via Binance payment ID; TRX or USDT TRC20 (Minimum RCB request amount is 2$ and fee is 1$/time).
  • Your Email address using for request RCB must have to be same as you HYIP PROJECTS Email address
  • Anybody who cheat RCB will be BANNED Forever and Our Blog will not reply your query !!!!

So what is the advantage of RCB (Refund)?

  • Refunds allow you to break even faster
  • With the RCB, the profit from the project is increased.

How to calculate the RCB?

For example: Your deposit for project X is $ 200. Referral Commission: 5%. Our blog RCB 5% of your deposits 

=> Then you will receive (Cashback) = 200 x 5% = $ 10

How to receive RCB?

To receive RCB, you need to use our blog’s referral link for any project that our blog review to register for an account and open investment package.

After opening a deposit, you need to fill in your personal information on the RCB form to receive funds from us.

The RCB request form is located at the bottom of each project review.

refback request 1024x733 - What is Refback (RCB) HYIP?

RCB Request

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