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[SCAM – STOP INVESTING] Capital-C: Earn up to 3.28% daily – forever

Update, Apirl 15, 2021: Stop investing in Capital-C. Thank you!

Working time from March 13, 2021 to Apirl 15, 2021 (32 days)

Capital-C long-term investment platform with returns up to 3.28% per day and receive forever, starting with $ 10. Project website is beautifully designed, professionally, detailed project content, attractive investment package. Especially, the project also issues CCT token with many outstanding features.

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The project is being run by a team of experienced Administrators and we have an insurance fund of $ 1,000.

Today, let us research and discuss this project through the content below.


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About Mix Jewelry

Capital Crypto (Crypto-C) is an international cryptocurrency company incorporated in Singapore. This is a company specializing in providing financial management and trust services for companies around the world since 2014.

Crypto-C offers its clients an extensive list of financial services, such as crypto investing and trading.

A highlight in the project is the issuance of a CCT token with many outstanding features. You can use CCT to invest, receive interest, transfer money, … Holding CCT in your account also helps you increase your assets when the total CCT purchase of the user reaches every $ 1,000 will increase +0.025% of the value.

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*Technical specifications

  • Domain: 03/03/2021 – 03/03/2023 (3 years) from NamCheap.
  • Hosting: OVH.
  •  IP Address: (Germany / Limburg an der Lahn).
  • Script: undefined.
  • DNS Servers:,
  • SSL: Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA valid from 09 Mar, 2021 to 10 Mar, 2022 – Sectigo Limited.

Information of Mix Jewelry

– Started: March 13, 2021.

– Payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, TRX, DOGE.

– Minimum deposit: $10.

– Minimum withdrawal: 0.001 BTC, 0.025 LTC, 100 DOGE.

– Deposits calculate 7 days / week.

– Manual withdrawal (up to 24 hours).

– Referral commission: 5%- 1%- 0.5%.

– Ref back 4% deposit (Upline: hc4mc). Click the “RCB Request” button at the end of the article to fill in the information.

– Our investment recommendations: deposit from $ 10 to $ 3.000 $ in the project.

– Our invesment: $1,000.

– Insurance funds: $1,000 (Click here).

– Register account:

capital c 728x90 1 - [SCAM - STOP INVESTING] Capital-C: Earn up to 3.28% daily - forever

Note: Don't create multiple accounts, because it is possible that the program will scan and lock the account of ALL of your TEAM if a fraud is detected, only join and invest with an account.

Investment plans of Mix Jewelry

  • Deposit from 10$ and more;
  • Earn 2.051% – 3.28% daily – forever;
  • Stop it anytime but not earlier than 30 days after the launch;
  • Deposits calculate 7 days / week.

capital c investment plan 1024x482 - [SCAM - STOP INVESTING] Capital-C: Earn up to 3.28% daily - forever

Our opinion about Mix Jewelry

The project started on March 13, 2021.

Capital C opens a unique investment package with profits from 2.051% to 3.28% per day and receive forever. For example, if you invest $ 1,000 in the project, every day from Monday to Sunday, you will receive between $ 20.51 – $ 32.8 / day and receive until the project closes. In addition, the project also allows you to withdraw your investment after 30 days of investment with 0% fee.

Basic referral commission with 3 levels is 5% – 1% – 0.5%. In addition, you also have the opportunity to become a regional representative with an upgrade commissions to 4 levels of 7% – 1.5% – 1% – 0.5% when your team turnover reaches over $ 2,000 and receive bonuses rewarding tens of thousands of USD when reaching the target of group sales that Crypto-C has set out. I think that with the payout mechanism that Crypto-C is for such partners, it will attract more partners to actively participate in the project.

Overview, the project website is beautifully designed, professionally, the content presents the project clearly and in detail, the website has full of basic features, high security, attractive investment package. In particular, the project is being run by a team of experienced Administrators. Therefore, for this project we recommend that you invest less than 3,000 $ will be suitable. Consider investing!

Quality Score: 7.6/10 (Quality Score is for reference only).

Don't forget, we are refunding 3% deposit.

After completing the investment, please fill in the Ref back request form 🙂

March 18, 2021, our deposit is $1,000.

capital c payment - [SCAM - STOP INVESTING] Capital-C: Earn up to 3.28% daily - forever

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RCB Request (3%)

Risk Disclosure!

HyipInvestors is a news site about HYIP investment platforms. We are not a registered broker, analyst, investment advisor or anything of that sort. Everything that we provide on this site is purely for guidance, informational and educational purposes. All information contained herein should be independently verified and confirmed.

We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage whatsoever caused in reliance upon such information or services. Please be aware of the risks involved with any trading done in any financial market. Do not trade with money that you cannot afford to lose. When in doubt, you should consult a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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