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[SCAM – STOP INVESTING] Elquirex: Profit 1% daily for 150 days!


Update, January 30, 2020: Stop investing in Elquirex. Thank you!

Working time from November 25, 2020 to January 30, 2021 (66 days)

Elquirex investment platform with profit 30% per month, minimum deposit $30. Project website is beautifully designed, detailed project presentation content; domain register 6 years (2020- 2026); hosting from OVH and SSL security from Sectigo.

In particular, the project is being run by an experienced Administrator who has run several successful projects in the past!

Today, let us research and discuss this project through the content below.

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elquirex banner 728x90 1 - [SCAM - STOP INVESTING] Elquirex: Profit 1% daily for 150 days!

About Elquirex

I. What's Elquirex?

ELQUIREX is a unique platform registered to operate in the UK (No. 12809192). This is a platform created by a team of experienced professionals that allow you to perform all necessary operations with cryptocurrencies. Store all assets in a multi-currency wallet, get crypto-secured loans, exchange currencies with minimal fees – all these services are available to every user of the company . Striving to constantly develop in the financial services market, the project team often comes up with new non-standard solutions. To ensure the comfort of all users, the list of currencies available on the platform is constantly expanding.

elquirex review 1024x635 - [SCAM - STOP INVESTING] Elquirex: Profit 1% daily for 150 days!

*Download Elquirex mobile app

  • Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.elquirex.elquirexapplication
  • iOS: Comming soon.

II. Elquirex products

  • Exchange

ELQUIREX is a virtual exchange office working with the most popular cryptocurrencies.. Visitors of the site can make an exchange in any direction at the most favorable rate.

Registration is not required to complete the exchange operation: the service is available on the main page for each visitor. The cost of this service is 5% of the total amount + network fees. ELQUIREX service is extremely easy to use and allows you to make financial transactions as quickly as possible.

  • Cryptoloans

Getting a loan secured by a cryptocurrency with ELQUIREX is extremely simple. Use the funds in the volume you need and save your cryptocurrency assets. We issue loans without information, preliminary verification of credit history and the participation of third parties (banks, funds, etc.). Our platform provides the opportunity to get the required amount, based on the current value of your cryptocurrency savings. Using your own funds, you do not lose your assets. The guarantee for the loan is the cryptocurrency, transferred to the company, which you can return at any time convenient for you. Once you repay the loan, crypto assets in full will be transferred to your account. The company offers the most favorable conditions due to the high collateral value of the coin – 60%. The minimum loan amount is $ 100. All cryptocurrencies from the TOP-5 are available on our platform. While you are using credit funds, your assets are in a reliable cold storage.

  • Wallet

A multi-currency wallet is not only a convenient tool for working with your assets, but also a means of getting income.

Using our wallet, you can perform any financial transactions with minimal commissions. The company guarantees one hundred percent anonymity of users and protection of their personal funds.

In addition, your savings will grow without any action on your part. Each user receives 0.1% of the total amount on the wallet daily.

  • Investment

Invest personal cryptocurrency assets from the Elquirex multicurrency wallet in the platform of our company in order to quickly receive a fixed passive income. Properly managing your capital, you ensure its rapid growth.

For each currency available on the platform there is its own investment plan, which allows you to get the maximum benefit from the deposit. A significant part of the commissions we receive for currency exchange and lending services is invested in the development of the company and the promotion of the platform.

III. Media about Elquirex

  • CRIPTONOTICIAS: https://www.criptonoticias.com/tutoriales-guias/aprende-operar-elquirex-solucion-servicios-financieros-criptomonedas/
  • 0XZX: https://0xzx.com/201910252010334801.html
  • AMBCRYPTO: https://eng.ambcrypto.com/elquirex-aims-to-address-the-crypto-challenges-by-delivering-five-star-services/
  • CWJ: https://www.cryptoworldjournal.com/problems-with-cryptocurrency-exchange-solved-by-elquirex/
  • SMARTEREUM: https://smartereum.com/62643/elquirex-what-you-need-to-know-about-elquirex/
  • BITTIMES: https://bittimes.net/news/83039.html
  • CRYPTOPOTATO: https://cryptopotato.com/elquirex-exchange-set-to-expand-with-new-cryptocurrencies-and-loyalty-program-in-2020/
  • OBN: https://ourbitcoinnews.com/enjoy-elquirexs-round-the-clock-crypto-exchange-loan-services/
  • KRIPTO KOIN: https://kriptokoin.com/elquirex-kripto-ticareti-icin-kullanicilara-yeni-secenekler-taniyor/
  • ………

elquirex news 1024x788 - [SCAM - STOP INVESTING] Elquirex: Profit 1% daily for 150 days!

Information of Elquirex

– Started: November 25, 2020.

– Payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, TRON, USDT, USDC, WBTC.

– Minimum deposit: $30; 0.001528 BTC; 0.0492 ETH; 0.334 LTC; 45.5 XRP; 8480 DOGE; 906 TRX; 0.095 BCH; 30 USDT.

– Minimum withdrawal: $10; 0.001 BTC, 0.02 ETH, 20 XRP, 0.1 LTC, 10 USDT, 10 USDC, 4000 DOGE, 500 TRX, 0.001 WBTC

– Instant payment.

– Referral commission: 7%- 3%.

– Ref back 3% deposit (Upline: hc4melquirex). Click the “Ref back Request” button at the end of the article to fill in the information.

– Our invesment: 800 USD.

– Insurance funds: $2,000 (Click here)

– Register account:


elquirex banner 728x90 1 - [SCAM - STOP INVESTING] Elquirex: Profit 1% daily for 150 days!

Note: Don't create multiple accounts, because it is possible that the program will scan and lock the account of ALL of your TEAM if a fraud is detected, only join and invest with an account.

Investment plans of Elquirex

Profit 1% daily for 150- 160 days.

elquirex investment plans - [SCAM - STOP INVESTING] Elquirex: Profit 1% daily for 150 days!

Our opinion about Elquirex

The project started on November 25, 2020.

Elquirex only opens investment packages with profit 1% daily for 150- 160 days. For example, if you deposit $ 1,000 into the project, each day you will receive 1% / day, equivalent to $ 10 / day and receive from Monday to Sunday. Thus, each month you will earn $ 300 and just 100 days you will receive the full deposit

Basic referral commission 7% – 3% and when your 1st line structure is over $1,000; you will get 3-level referral commissions 7% – 3% – 2%.

Everything was good initially, we appreciate the administrator's preparation for the project; he has also purchased advertisements on many major and reputable newspapers around the world to introduce his platform. The most special thing is that we have also worked with him on several projects in the past and all of which bring good returns to investors. So, we decided to add this project to our portfolio in December 2020 with a deposit of $ 800.

Quality Score: 7.5/10 (Quality Score is for reference only).

Don't forget, we are refunding 3% deposit.

After completing the investment, please fill in the Ref back request form 🙂

December 07, 2020, our deposit is $800.

elquirex payment 1024x134 - [SCAM - STOP INVESTING] Elquirex: Profit 1% daily for 150 days!

*Social network:

– Telegram: https://t.me/Elquirex

– Email: support@elquirex.net

=> Information on other monitors: ISPHYIPLogsHZHyipBoxHYIP Space 

Register account

Ref back Request (3%)

Risk Disclosure!

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